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Your tax-deductible adoption donation goes directly toward medical care for our rescues.

Each of Absolutely Purrfect's foster cats receive the following care prior to adoption:

purplepaw Spay or Neuter
purplepaw Distemper combo
purplepaw (FVRCP) Vaccination
purplepaw Rabies Vaccination
purplepaw Feline Leukemia/FIV
purplepaw Testing Flea & Tick
purplepaw De-Worming
purplepaw Medications


We medically evaluate all of our fosters before they are available for adoption. 

If any medical problem arises, it is addressed by our vets. We try our best to keep our fosters healthy, but we cannot guarantee they won't encounter health problems at some point in their life. Regular visits to a vet you trust is the most important step in maintaining your cat's health.

If a cat tests positive for FIV, that information will be indicated in the cat's description. Cats with FIV can live long lives, and the risk of viral transmission to other cats is extremely low if the cats are not fighting. Please click here for our FIV Facts.

If a cat tests positive for FeLV, we usually try to place the cat in a home with no other cats, or with other FeLV-positive cats. These cats are not usually listed for adoption, so if you have a suitable home, please email us for more information

Lizzie  Adopting a New Friend

To begin the process of adopting your new feline friend from us, you'll first need to select him or her. You can do this by visiting our Adopt A Pet and Petfinder websites where you can browse photos and descriptions of our available fosters. Or, to meet your new furry family member one-on-one, you can visit us in person at our adoption day events. When you have made your choice, you'll need to complete an application.

Please note: We do not generally allow same-day or out-of-state adoptions. Although we may occasionally permit such adoptions, after we conclude a preliminary reference check, such cases are an exception and not the rule. These restrictions provide us the time and logistics to do home visits, which are important to ensuring a purrfect forever home. 

After we run preliminary reference checks, we'll let you know whether or not you're approved for the adoption, and work with you from there to complete the process of welcoming your new friend into your home.